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River Cruises

Only On A River Cruise. . .

Can you explore new cultures with ease and sail in storybook settings with countless views and “to dos” around every river bend. With seamless dock-and-go sightseeing, insider tips from local guides and the immersive experiences you crave, river cruising is the perfect way to see and explore the world.

Fall Asleep to castle ruins outside your window and wake up, perhaps in a Provencal village, mere feet away from your rivership.


Why River Cruising?

Clear, upfront pricing – few additional costs as accommodations, all meals (usually including wine and beer at meals), snacks, destination talks, some (or all) excursions, occasional entertainment and possibly the transfers to get to and from your river cruise.

Many cabins have balconies or French balconies – the window opens like a balcony without having a balcony.


Ships are small, friendly and comfortable with most carrying between 100 and 200 passengers.


It’s so easy!  Embark, unpack and enjoy the scenery as your floating hotel takes you from one historic destination to the next.


There’s always something to see and do.  On a typical river cruise, you spend half a day ashore and the other half cruising.  In addition to enjoying the view, there may be talks by guest speakers, wine or beer tastings or even cooking demonstrations. Often there is evening entertainment, perhaps local talent. 


It’s all smooth sailing on the gentle waters of rivers versus the ocean.

Remember!  River cruises, especially in Europe, take you through destinations instead of around them.


Discover what's in store for you as you cruise the rivers of the world.  Let Wild Blue Travel, a River Cruise Specialist assist you with your decision - why river cruising, what river and when to go.

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