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Travel Healthy

Reducing the Effects of Jet Lag

Before Your Trip:

Gradually move sleep and wake times earlier (when traveling east) or later (when heading west) starting a few days before your trip.


On the Flight:

Change your watch to the time in your destination, upon boarding your flight.  This helps you shift your thinking, so you actually will want to eat and sleep at the time in your destination.

Drink lots of water and avoid alcohol which causes dehydration. 

Try to sleep on the plane - use earplugs or noise-canceling headphones and sleep masks. 


During Your Trip:

Plan out your first full day and try to stay up until at least 10 PM. Eat protein-rich foods to give you energy and get outside to get some natural light - which regulates circadian rhythms.


After Your Trip:

Stay hydrated and take breaks when needed. AM exercise gives your blood flow a boost that helps you get back into your daily routine.

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