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  • Mary Burney

Czech cooking class with traditional recipes in Prague, Czech Republic

This communal cooking class with hosts Aida and Bret was probably a highlight of my visit to Prague! It was an evening of food, wine and culture. Throughout the evening, Aida and Bret shared their knowledge and stories about Czech traditions and culture.

We were greeted with a shot of Palinka (fruit brandy) and a lovely charcuterie board. All the foods were explained to us, what they were, how made and their significance in Czech culture. The sauces, jams and pickles all were made by either Aida or her mother.

Next, we made dumplings! Although my grandmother was from Czech Republic (what is now Slovakia) – this was not one of the dishes I remember her making.

We tasted several wines during the course of the evening. So of course, I wanted to take a pix so I could look for the wine to purchase. . .and it was decided Bret should be in the pix. Which of course, as a host – I should have included him! LOL

After the charcuterie we made and ate – savory pancakes. These are eaten as first course, but sometimes as a main course as well. Delicious!

Dinner was in a dining room next to the kitchen work area. And more wine with the dinner. I believe we tasted 3 different local wines.

Menu was roast duck, the dumplings we made and a cabbage salad. Simply divine. . .and I didn’t know that I really enjoy duck. I think the secret is that they really know how to cook it!

Our gracious hosts!


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