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  • Mary Burney

Cooking Class in Vienna Austria

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

I took a fabulous cooking class on my recent trip to Vienna Austria. I envisoned an older Austrian woman and at the end we would all pose for pix in our matching aprons. LOL

What is was - a young man from Syria in the restaurant business who has trained in Switzerland and Austria and been in Austria for 10 years and is starting these cooking classes as a sideline. We cooked the meal in his apartment - was just myself and another person.

The class was scheduled for 3 hours but we were there over 4 hours. Our "instructor" had dinner with us and since we noticed guitars, keyboard and more in the living room, we asked him to share some of his music with us which he did. It was a great evening!

The menu: pumpkin soup, wienerschnitzel and apple strudel! All so delicious!

He sent us both home with schnitzel and apple strudel.



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